Many of us remember the tragic loss incurred by one of CHFI’s most beloved radio hosts, Erin Davis. She tragically lost her only daughter, Lauren, in 2015 who passed suddenly in her sleep while on maternity leave.

She was also a radio host in Ottawa and was only 24 years old when she left this world.

Erin has been a pillar of strength and inspiration for her family and wide array of fans and listeners. Keeping everyone up-to-date on the ins and outs of her unthinkable journey through her blog has been a source of comfort to many.

Audiences, fans and readers alike are now able to access a more in-depth view of the story that has encompassed Davis and her husband Rob in her new book.

Reclaiming Joy with Erin Davis is the name of the event, where she will be speaking about overcoming the impossible.

Mourning Has Broken is the name of the best-selling novel that ticket buyers will be able to go home with.

Click HERE to book your spot at this amazing event in support of social, psychological, spiritual and emotional support services at Markham Stouffville Hospital.