Local residents, and anyone staying in town this weekend, can expect temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius tomorrow.

They are expected to remain closer to 30 degrees, with a humidex in the high 30s for the better part of the day. By Sunday the humidity and temperatures should drop further, following a cold front overnight.

The following precautions should be taken to prevent heat-related illnesses, according to Health Canada guidelines:

• Drink lots of cool liquids, like water, to prevent dehydrating.

• Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing made from breathable fabric like cotton, and pair them with hats and sunglasses.

• Do NOT leave vulnerable people or pets in your parked vehicles or direct sunlight.

• Spend several hours in the shade, swimming area or building with air-conditioning like a shopping mall, grocery store, place of worship or public library.

• Cool off in the shower or bath or even one of Markham’s Splash Pads (see below).

• Plan cold meals that don’t need to be cooked or warmed up.

• Keep your curtains and blinds drawn all day.

• Block sun exposure with a wide-brimmed, breathable hat or even an umbrella.

• Check in with your doctor about adequate heat exposure if you are taking medication or suffering from a health condition.

• Keep your air conditioner with a thermostat set between 22ºC (72ºF) and 26ºC (79ºF), as an energy efficient way to stay cool throughout the day.

• Anyone with a window air conditioner should spend most of their time in the room it is affixed to.

• Be sure to check on your vulnerable friends, neighbours, and elderly relatives to ensure they are staying cool and hydrated.

• Plan your day around cooler temperatures occurring at different times or just avoid outdoor activities, altogether.

Local Community Centres, Libraries & Places of Worship you can stay cool in:

• Aaniin Community Centre & Library, 5665 14th Ave (Pool)
• Angus Glen Community Centre & Library, 3990 Major Mackenzie Drive East (Pool)
• Armadale Community Centre & Library, 2401 Denison Street
• Cornell Community Centre & Library, 3201 Bur Oak Avenue (Pool)
• Milliken Mills Community Centre & Library, 7600 Kennedy Road (Pool)
• Thornhill Community Centre & Library, 7755 Bayview Avenue
• Centennial Community Centre, 8600 McCowan Road (Pool)
• Markham Village Library, 6031 Hwy 7
• Unionville Library, 15 Library Lane
• Masjid Darul Iman, 1330 Castlemore Avenue
• Markham Masjid, 2900 Denison Street
• Buddha Meditation Centre, 11175 Kennedy Road

Outdoor Splash Pads & Pools:

Ada Mackenzie Park 185 South Park Road
Ashton Meadows Park 202 Calvert Road
Bayview Lane Park 32 Baymark Road
Beaupre Park 105 Golden Avenue
Benjamin Marr Park 26 Gowland Road
Berczy North Park 447 The Bridle Walk
George Couperthwaite Park 45 Kentview Crescent
Gordon Stollery Park 3970 Major Mackenzie Drive East (Behind Angus Glen Community Centre)
Henry White Park 135 Moss Creek Boulevard
James Edward Park 70 Elson Street
John Payne Park 130 Hazelton Avenue
Millennium Park 100 Town Centre Boulevard
Milliken Mills Park 4289 14th Avenue
Ray Street Park 99 South Unionville Avenue
Roseberry Park 21 Bonnycastle Drive
Simonston Park 15 Simonston Blvd.
South Unionville Park 514 Caboto Trail
Swan Lake Park 25 Swan Park Road
Thomas McQuay Park 58 Clegg Road (Behind Condos)
Tomlinson Park 98 Boxwood Crescent
Upper Cornell Park 128 Northvale Road
Victoria Square Park 2929 Elgin Mill Road East
William Cantley Park 89 Livante Court
Wismer Community Park 980 Bur Oak Avenue
Yarl Cedarwood Park 385 Elson Street

Visit markham.ca/areyouready for information.

(Photo credit: Jametlene Reskp)