Now that the new school year is upon us, we are thinking about extracurricular activities that enrich our children. Well, if dance is on your list of things to do and learn, then there is no better place to start than Amanda’s Dance Company (ADC).

ADC is bringing a fresh new approach to dance in the city, with the most competitive rates (about $500 per school year – including outfit).

Amanda Givalas is an accomplished (and award winning) dancer with formal education in the traditional and creative arenas. At just 23 she is already kicking off her first season at her new dance studio, aptly named Amanda’s Dance Company.

Role model for the next generation

Givalas’ passion for dance and education allowed her to quickly identify a need in the local market for a modern dance space. Founded ADC was the obvious next step to helping the next generation of dancers in accomplishing their goals.

Herself a University of Toronto alumni and former president and founder of the Rise Dance Company; Givalas is dedicated to providing guidance to her young students.

Givalas is equipping ADC with qualified professionals providing artistic choreography, and an education of mastering performance skills. During her time at U of T Scarborough’s Rise Dance Company, Amanda choreographed competitive routines in Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary dance.

Her efforts elevated the troupe to competing at university level competitions across Ontario.

These experiences, paired with her own background as a dancer, has fueled Givalas’ belief in being determined, confident, and passionate. Adding hard work and dedication to the mix will result in a successful dance experience.

Givalas also aims to be a positive role model for her students, always encouraging them that being positive is the path to growing and achieving your goals.

Born to dance

Givalas’ personal journey with dance began at the tender age of six when she found herself besotted with the performing arts. Since then she has accomplished examinations in Ballet/Pointe, Jazz, and Tap with the Royal Academy of Dance and the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D.).

Her final Jazz B.A.T.D Associate Two level followed when Amanda was also awarded a high Honors certification. 

Helping students thrive

Givalas’ formal education, training and experience in Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Open, and Contemporary dance competitions is relayed in her teaching style. 

Through her dance company, Givalas is helping every dancer, regardless of ability or talent to develop their own confidence, discipline, and passion. She states her sentiment perfectly on her website, “We believe in the power of a valuable dance education, whether a student is here for fun or has the goal of making dance a career.”

How is she connecting with the dancer in everyone, regardless of their genetic or earned make up? By offering recreational and competitive programs for students to be able to learn proper technique, performance skills, and dance terminology. But, it is not all training and technique as Amanda is ensuring that her highly trained instructors are bringing modern and innovative choreography to the positive group experience.

Student achievements

Givalas’ students’ achievements have been speaking for themselves since her days at U of T Scarborough’s Rise Dance Company. Whether it was scholarships or National Awards at province-wide competitions; giving her students a fun and exciting dance experience is at the forefront of Amanda’s work.

Givalas’ formal education includes an Honours Bachelor of Arts, with a double major in Media Studies and Gender Studies. 

Something for everyone

Our future generations are our biggest investment, but that does not mean the rest of us shouldn’t be living in the present. ADC not only offers extensive recreational (and competitive) programs for the kiddies…but they also have something for teens and adults.

The advanced class for youth 15 years and older (aka teens) covers all things Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and even Musical Theatre. All these courses are offered at advance level training.

Givalas promises the choreography will be challenging and led by top instructors in the industry. Students are sure to enhance their knowledge and creativity through the advanced program. 

Better late than never

It is never too late to pick up a new hobby, and in this age of health and wellness…why not make it a physical one like dance?

The adult beginner class is a great place to start, and pick up new dance steps or just have a fun and healthy workout. It only takes an hour a week to explore a multitude of dance styles like Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical. Attendees will awaken new muscles, movements and abilities within dance vocabulary, flexibility, leaps, turns, and more! 

Here is a rundown of general programming for kids

  • Ballet / Point
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Acrobatics
  • Lyrical / Contemporary
  • Musical Theatre
  • Hip Hop

Click HERE for more information about these exciting new programs starting in September!

This article is in happy collaboration with Amanda’s Dance Company.