Parkinson’s disease may be occurring in men up to 3 times more than women, but affects them in very different ways. This is one of the reasons the World Parkinson’s Program (WPP) has been dedicating a section of their programming and services to women’s health.

The numbers for women are still staggering, with approximately 4 million being affected by Parkinson’s Disease, globally.

The main factor in the differences from men are the neuro-protective impacts that estrogen has, causing women to be diagnosed later. Parkinson’s Disease also progresses much slower in women, in general.

In addition to biological differences, are social, environmental, and individual components that are playing a role in the course of Parkinson’s Disease in females.

In less developed, and developed areas as well, women tend to have significant domestic responsibilities that include caring for young and old family members. This often results in women receiving less access to adequate healthcare .

The WPP tailors seminars and events to women’s health, offering education, and information about Parkinson’s Disease through the distribution of lectures and brochures.

There is also a physical component to the WPP seminars and events, engaging women in group-based exercises. A certified mindfulness instructor is also on hand to lead meditation and mindfulness exercises.

The WPP operate solely on donations, committing over 90% of amounts to patient care and supplies around the world. They always need your help in filling medicine orders and providing access to life saving services and treatments.

To date the WPP (a 7-years-young certified Canadian charity) is already impacting the lives of thousands of women of all ages and background. Please visit their website to find out how you can support the incredible work they are doing.