Written by Nithi Pirithiviraja

“Well that was weird…” A woman’s power in her tone of voice tends to startle and scare a man’s ego if she presents passion. In specific, Greta Thunberg, climate activist of 16 years is making her stand to fight government authorities on the importance of climate change. Greta, posed as “scary” and unfeminine, is simply awake and aware of her future.

“The Republican party has a teenage girl problem (Worsham, 2019).” The Guardian explains, Greta is not only fierce but has inspired many young children and young adults to take part in understanding their future. Mocking the young girl, Trump took her speech personal and tweeted against the young girl, Greta did not hesitate to fight back. This essentially supports the fact that her statements are triggering the party.

Speaking on the note above, it is not common for a woman to raise her voice and speak towards a cause, in my opinion that is simply what Greta is doing. Greta presents a lot of power in her voice. Although, Greta seems to be accusing the past generations for not allowing her to chase her dreams. As a society we have learned to mock these teenage girls, who are done with the “bullshit” of our actions (Worsham, 2019) and strive to change the world for the better. In her speech and ignorance on comments, she refuses to conform to the idea of being feminized by society.

What I find weird about this, is that Greta has spoken and is continuing to be active in what she believes in. she is also inspiring many young people around the world to take action and re-evaluate what their future will give them. I find it incredible how society expects children to excel but as well say that someone like Greta knows nothing about what she is conveying. This event is scaring Trump in particular.

Are we aware enough of our future and what it holds, will climate change come to a solution? I believe Greta’s speech was powerful and very moving in the sense that many individuals have acknowledged on what our world will become in the next 10 years.