By, May Ly (in her own words)

During this unique challenge my life has changed drastically physically, mentally and spiritually. Usually my regular routine consists of me waking up at 6AM and getting ready to leave my house by 7AM to go to work by 8AM and do my duty and teach until 3PM.

And every week after work I would go to gym 2– 3 times a week, attend business meeting or see clients, attend mass or Bible study.

I am usually working at my other part-time job 2 – 3 times a week, running errands and spending time with my family.

So being stuck at home and not having a proper routine is difficult for me to stay motivated and grounded.

My Quarantine Routine

Wake up around 10AM – 12PM, depends if I have any ZOOM conference meeting that day. But before I get out of my bed, I would check the news on my phone for couple of minutes to stay as up to date as possible on what is

Then I go downstairs and my brunch, which is usually steamed dumplings or soup based noodles and I make some warm lemon tea.
Afterwards if I don’t have any ZOOM appointments to attend and if it is nice
and sunny outside, then I would walk from Kennedy & Steeles to Main St.
Unionville and back as a form of my daily exercise.

When I come back home, I take a short nap for about 1 – 1.5 hour before I go and pick up my mom from work.

Once I come home, I attend ZOOM meetings/appointments if I have any.
Otherwise I would be on the couch watching Netflix, while on my phone
texting, playing games and checking e-mails. Then, once my mom finish
making dinner I would go and eat and then I go back onto the couch and
continue with what I was doing before.

By 11PM – 12AM I would call it my day and redo it all over again.
But with this time while I am in self-quarantine, I would use my time wisely to self-improve myself in both of my personal and business life. I need to start a habit of reading a book, minimum 2 – 3 pages every day, setting goals for short, mid and long-term. In terms with my business, I should listen to more audio to improve my business skills, connect more with people through social media and booking ZOOM appointments while people are less busier.

We will get through this together if we do our part and stay home and only go outside for essential purchase if necessary or taking a walk as a form of

May Ly is a member of the Executive Team on the Markham Community Wellness Group Board of Directors.