My name is Michael Manserra, I recently graduated from Durham College in Recreation & Leisure services with a Advanced Diploma. I am currently working for City of Markham (part time) as a recreational staff throughout the city, I am stationed at Cornell Community Centre, Centennial Community Centre, Markham Village, and Mount Joy Community Centre.

I work all kinds of different programs ranging from pre-school too teens, from September to June I help run the programs either instructing them or assisting them, and in the summer I work as a camp counsellor, this summer coming up was going to be my first year being a camp supervisor.

I’ve had prior supervisor experience with winter break camp and March break. I’ve been working for the City of Markham for 5 years, and I’ve been doing camp for 3 summers.

The City of Markham has decided to temporarily lay off all employees due to the coronavirus until further notice. This pandemic is affecting me greatly because from working 4 days a week establishing a routine to being quarantined, and everything changes instantly.

Now for the first few days I didn’t mind being off it gave me time to rest, after the first week I found myself losing my patience and bored being home so I had to find ways to keep myself busy.

This virus made me realize that we take everything for granted, for example just being able to go out with my friends for coffee at McDonalds, or just driving around, and seeing my girlfriend . We don’t think about things like this happening until it happens.  

Since I’ve been home I would sometimes workout in my basement, play video games like any other young adult, but some days I would find myself in bed not being able to get up being extremely lazy. I would also fall asleep later than usual causing me to wake up later in the afternoon, hoping the days would go by faster. Before all of this happened I was waking up early in the morning everyday because I had work I was motivated, now that this happened I am not motivated to wake up earlier.

Since I’ve been home due to the Coronavirus I have been feeling different, I wouldn’t say depressed because my life is pretty good considering what’s happening around us, but my mood as been down. Not being able to see friends and family is scary, my grandmother (my dad’s mother) is in a long-term care facility, my family thinks about her all the time, not being able to go visit her is sad, it’s upsetting for the whole family.

My father calls the facility everyday to check up on her and we know that they’re taking the proper precautions which leaves us with relief. I would go out every day to see my friends, go to the mall, go out to eat, get coffee, etc, from doing that to not being allowed to, it hit all of us hard.

Some people are okay with being home, I’m not I like being out of the house interacting with my friends and people. My older brother lives in Mississauga so I don’t get a chance to see him as often as I would like, but I know he’s doing good we text to keep each other updated on what’s going on in our lives.

Michael Manserra is a member of Markham Community Wellness Group